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Why should you insure your property?

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In Cambodia, as a tenant (lessee) you are legally responsible for any loss and damages occurring to the property of your landlord (lessor) –  unless the lease agreement specifically states otherwise). Therefore, in order to avoid costly compensation from your ex-landlord, it is best to insure your apartment or business.
The insurance premium should at least cover the construction value of the property. Of course you may want to include your personal  belongings and the furniture and appliances. The insurance company will cover any loss and damage to property when it is caused by fire, explosion, windstorm, water & flood and even vehicle impact .
If you are the owner of a property in Cambodia we would also strongly advice on insuring your investment. Whether it concerns a building, a house, a factory or a condominium, against the same accidents.
Considering environment, where safety procedures and construction standards are not being enforced at all level, your property is at greatly at risk.

are you covered from a fire breakout?
are you covered from a fire breakout?

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