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Traffic in Cambodia. What you need to know

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IMG_6405Third Party Liability is the most critical risk as third party has usually the favor of authorities against foreigner car. Therefore in order to avoid high indemnity costs from Third party it is very important to be insuring your car while driving in Cambodia. In case of accident call immediately the insurer 24/7 hotline for assistance. Stay in your car and wait for the claim officer to assist you with the police and third party . Don’t be surprised if the police request to impound your car until the claim is resolved and closed . Therefore it may take several days before the insurer and third party reach an agreement and finally release your car.

Roads are not what you would called “safe”, and though there are lots of traffic laws, very few rules are actually enforced. Therefore you must be highly vigilant at all times while on, or near a road. You may end up in a hit and run accident when the third party runs away after hitting your vehicle, you can cover any damage to your car by Own Damage insurance , the insurer would pay your damage in a case of hit and run . For bodily damage it is best to be covered by Expatriate Health Insurance with high limits of cover and treatment available worldwide with evacuation.

Driving licenses (car ,moto) :

You must hold a Cambodian Valid Driving License to be covered by your motor insurance in Cambodia. Those holding a driving license from their origin country can get an equivalent Cambodian License by showing a copy to a Driving School. Driving school will charge a fee of about USD 50 in order to issue a one-year Cambodian Driving license . The license must be renewed each year for the same fee.
Motorbike driving license is required for any motorbike with capacity greater than 125cc . In this case you may have an equivalent licence from your country of origin or you must pass the test in Cambodia . The fee is approximately US 250 to pass the license.

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