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Property Insurance

in Cambodia

With the recent extensive development of real estate in the Kingdom, assets have become increasingly valuable and need to be protected against any accidental perils. Property insurance covers all accidental damage that may occur to your building from Fire to Water Damage, Flood, Explosion, Windstorm, Landslide, Vehicle Impact and more.

In the Kingdom of Cambodia, the burgeoning real estate sector has significantly enhanced the value of assets, underscoring the necessity for comprehensive protection against unforeseen incidents. Property insurance in Cambodia offers a safeguard for your buildings, covering a wide array of accidental damages including those caused by Fire, Water Damage, Floods, Explosions, Windstorms, Landslides, and Vehicle Impacts among others.

With Fire Insurance or Property All Risks policy, you can cover any kind or property for residential or professional use from house, condominiums or apartments to factories, high rise buildings, hospitals and clinics, schools, hotels or restaurants.

The insurer will pay the repair or reinstatement of your loss property after a survey to assess the damage. With property insurance you guarantee the integrity of your real estate investment and ensure you are still in business in case of loss. Fire Insurance is under Tariffs rule for risks below 10 Million Dollars in value, therefore all insurers apply the same rates according to the category of property, with our advice you can cover only the risks you need and receive counseling and management to ensure your policy really protects your property.

Public Liability

Public Liability is protecting against any damage to Third Party in and around your property. This policy covers you against bodily or material damage to your guests, your neighbors or any third party for which you are liable. It ensures peace of mind to avoid law suits when you are responsible of a loss.

Home Insurance

AG Cambodia provides exclusive package solutions to cover your condo or your house including Public Liability, Multi Risks contents protection ( including theft) and Home helper accident cover.

Business Interruption

Linked to the property All Risks policy the Business Interruption Insurance ensures you get compensation when an accidental damage to your property puts you at a business loss . Should your premises are not able to conduct business as usual the insurer will pay the compensation of your daily income . You may choose to limit the coverage to your daily expenses.

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