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Pharmacie de la gare

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The “Pharmacie de la Gare” in Phnom Penh has been regarded as the most trustworthy drug vendor in the kingdom for several decades now. And rightfully so ! They had probably the most competent doctors and pharmacists, along with a wide selection of medicines and drugs, sometimes unavailable elsewhere in the country.

But, back in the 90’s, they were competing with “want-to-be” pharmacists, opening shops everywhere without licenses nor competences. Today, the landscape has radically changed, and serious competitors have settled in the kingdom. U-care (http://www.ucarepharma.com/) for instance, has opened many branches in the country, and they distinguish themselves for being very professional, and patient-oriented. They carry only patented drugs that are regulated in the western world (EU & USA), you will find no copies or fakes, and expiring dates are meticulously checked. But they are other brands showing up here and there. This transition has also led smaller pharmacies to get on board and pay more attention to the products they sell.

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