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Information On Health Insurance In Cambodia

Health insurance in Cambodia

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Health insurance in Cambodia

Whether you have decided to relocate to the country Cambodia or you are in search of a new type of international health insurance, it is very important to know what is available in relation to insurance provisions as well as information on the country’s facilities and medical care.

Cambodia is a country with around 14,805,000 people and the estimated life expectancy is around 57 years for men and around 65 years for women. Healthcare in provincial areas in Cambodia especially in areas that border Laos is extremely poor and even though the major cities are better, the system is still struggling and dealing with a demand that remains constant. Health insurance in Cambodia is not up to the international standards but is slowly improving. So when you decide to relocate or travel to Cambodia it is vital that you make sure you have full coverage with personal or family health insurance.

Healthcare Facilities

Provinces in Cambodia experience what is considered to be extremely bad levels related to healthcare in this country. Ratanakiri is a province that experiences some of the worst types of regular endemic outbreaks such as intestinal parasites, malaria, measles, cholera and tuberculosis. These types of outbreaks are vaccine-preventable, but these types of areas experience a lack of medical attention and medicines. These diseases form a great contribution to mortality rates of pregnant women and children. These rural areas endure these types of issues due to factors that include poor accessibility to water and infrastructure, language and cultural barriers, physical remoteness and of course poverty.

Other important factors related to poor health insurance in Cambodia are that medical supplies and equipment are extremely minimal. Many of their health facilities are run by staff that have been trained poorly as well as erratically paid.

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