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Long term health Insurance

in Cambodia

AG Cambodia is a licensed broker and has partnered with only A-Rated international insurers, offering guaranteed renewal policies and sustainable coverage that meets International Standards. Our insurance plans provide direct payment to hospitals worldwide.
Not only AG Cambodia go through a multitudes of fine prints for you to compare plans adapted to your needs but we are by your side during your stay abroad to provide emergency assistance and management of your policy. Unlike any comparative websites we are near you and respond to your demands in real time to effectively cover you when you need. You can choose from an Essential coverage limited to hospitalization costs up to a Comprehensive cover to include outpatient , maternity and dental according to your budget and needs.. All our plans include the repatriation (Medical Evacuation) option for the severe and critical situation that can’t treated locally. Such scenario could easily add up to over US$50,000 without a proper Insurance coverage. With AG Cambodia you ensure:

Advice and counseling to choose the right plan for you

Local Emergency assistance

Claim management and refund process within 15 days



Medevac : Emergency Medical Evacuation

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