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Cabinet Medical Francais – Dr Sebban

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Michel Sebban

Doctor Michel Sebban, a renowned French practitioner, settled in Cambodia in 2011. He and his wife chose a country that they loved for having participated in several International programs aimed at easing access to medical care for the poorer Cambodians. His office welcomes on appointment, every weekday  (Monday through Friday) for consultations for general medicine. However, Doctor Sebban has also 3 specialties : Gynecology, Acupuncture and Homeopathy.

Dr. Sebban is currently doctor of many western expatriate families in Cambodia.

But Doctor Sebban is not alone, today he is seconded by other remarkable French practitioners:

  • Dr. Karin Ferret (tropical health | Emergencies)
  • Dr Isabelle de Gaudemar (ORL)
  • Marie Aimée Brichaux (Psychologist)

The “Cabinet Médicale Français” is located on street 118 (one-way street) from street 169, between Kampuchea Krom Blvd &  Russian Confederation Blvd in Phnom Penh

AG Cambodia recommends this clinic 

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