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Corona Virus (COVID-19) in Cambodia

Did you know? Did you know ? Coronavirus is spreading through the world, hence not differently from most respiratory viral diseases. Do not panic as this is an infectious disease that has light and moderate symptoms for over 80% of people and it has a very low mortality rate (2%), however people with existing chronic […]

Pharmacie de la gare

The “Pharmacie de la Gare” in Phnom Penh has been regarded as the most trustworthy drug vendor in the kingdom for several decades now. And rightfully so ! They had probably the most competent doctors and pharmacists, along with a wide selection of medicines and drugs, sometimes unavailable elsewhere in the country. But, back in […]

Is the Water Festival a safe event?

police on riverside

The Water Festival, is a national event, taking place once a year, at the end of the raining season. It used to be a Phnom Penh event, as the King oversees the celebrations, but now has a sister event in Siem Reap. The main event is a boat racing, among districts and provinces. This celebration […]