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What to do if you have Covid-19 in Cambodia

If you stay in Phnom Penh: Contact to emergency number 115 to report your symptom. You can visit to Soviet hospital for the first consultation. After the consultation the doctor will send you to Pasteur Institute for the test according to his view of the symptom. The test is only available at Pasteur. **To the […]

Corona Virus (COVID-19) in Cambodia

Did you know? Did you know ? Coronavirus is spreading through the world, hence not differently from most respiratory viral diseases. Do not panic as this is an infectious disease that has light and moderate symptoms for over 80% of people and it has a very low mortality rate (2%), however people with existing chronic […]

Poe-ma closes its Cambodian branch

Poema insurance

After more than 10 years in Cambodia, Poe-ma Assurances has chosen to stop its activities in the Kingdom. Poe-ma Cambodia passes all of its portfolio to AG Insurance Broker on the first of October this year. Nothing changes for our clients, their insurance contracts will be managed by the successful team of AG Insurance Broker. […]

Information On Health Insurance In Cambodia

Health insurance in Cambodia

Whether you have decided to relocate to the country Cambodia or you are in search of a new type of international health insurance, it is very important to know what is available in relation to insurance provisions as well as information on the country’s facilities and medical care. Cambodia is a country with around 14,805,000 […]