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What to do if you have Covid-19 in Cambodia

If you stay in Phnom Penh: Contact to emergency number 115 to report your symptom. You can visit to Soviet hospital for the first consultation. After the consultation the doctor will send you to Pasteur Institute for the test according to his view of the symptom. The test is only available at Pasteur. **To the […]


As of October 1st 2019, the “Cabinet Médical Français” and the Naga Clinic will join forces. Both head doctors, Dr. Garen and Dr. Sebban, decided to regroup into a new medical facility to provide an even better service to their respective patients. This new medical center will be an out-patient consultation center only, no hospitalization will […]

Cabinet Medical Francais – Dr Sebban

Michel Sebban Doctor Michel Sebban, a renowned French practitioner, settled in Cambodia in 2011. He and his wife chose a country that they loved for having participated in several International programs aimed at easing access to medical care for the poorer Cambodians. His office welcomes on appointment, every weekday  (Monday through Friday) for consultations for general medicine. […]

Pharmacie de la gare

The “Pharmacie de la Gare” in Phnom Penh has been regarded as the most trustworthy drug vendor in the kingdom for several decades now. And rightfully so ! They had probably the most competent doctors and pharmacists, along with a wide selection of medicines and drugs, sometimes unavailable elsewhere in the country. But, back in […]

Sen Sok Hospital

Hospital Cambodia

Sen Sok International University Hospital is the first International level hospital, run by the highly skilled and well experienced Physicians and Surgeons. All the facilities that you can expect from a hospital of the developed world; you can easily find them in the SSIUH. The prices are competitive with any other hospital in Cambodia and […]

Calmette Hospital : the dean of hospitals

Calmette Hospital

Calmette Hospital – located on Monivong boulevard, near the French Embassy – remains the principal destination for road accidents. This hospital has greatly improved its service, noticeably with the introduction of its VIP wing and its “heart and cardio vascular” unit. This facility has also made important improvements in raising its operating standards to an International level. The arrival of a neuro surgeon, Mr François Xavier […]

Khema Clinic in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Khema Clinic opened their first medical unit in Toul Kork, on the outskirt of Phnom Penh, providing expertise in general surgery. Dr Sok, the director of Khema Clinic, has graduated in France. The entire healthcare protocol of the clinic imitates the French medical codes of behavior. Khema clinic is the perfect choice for general surgery […]

Doctor Garen and the Naga Clinic

Founded in 1998 by a French Doctor, Mr Jean Claude Garen, the clinic remains among the most trusted establishment in the capital. The clinic has continuously been under his direction ever since. Moreover, he is the official doctor of French Embassy in Cambodia. In 2015, Dc Garen has been granted “Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur” […]