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Doctor Garen and the Naga Clinic

Founded in 1998 by a French Doctor, Mr Jean Claude Garen, the clinic remains among the most trusted establishment in the capital. The clinic has continuously been under his direction ever since. Moreover, he is the official doctor of French Embassy in Cambodia. In 2015, Dc Garen has been granted “Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur” […]

Information On Health Insurance In Cambodia

Health insurance in Cambodia

Whether you have decided to relocate to the country Cambodia or you are in search of a new type of international health insurance, it is very important to know what is available in relation to insurance provisions as well as information on the country’s facilities and medical care. Cambodia is a country with around 14,805,000 […]

Why should you insure your property?

In Cambodia, as a tenant (lessee) you are legally responsible for any loss and damages occurring to the property of your landlord (lessor) –  unless the lease agreement specifically states otherwise). Therefore, in order to avoid costly compensation from your ex-landlord, it is best to insure your apartment or business. The insurance premium should at […]

Traffic in Cambodia. What you need to know

Third Party Liability is the most critical risk as third party has usually the favor of authorities against foreigner car. Therefore in order to avoid high indemnity costs from Third party it is very important to be insuring your car while driving in Cambodia. In case of accident call immediately the insurer 24/7 hotline for […]