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If you are living or working in Cambodia,
AG Cambodia provides tailored insurance solution with local services.

AG-Cambodia is the perfect destination for tailored insurance solutions and local services, whether you are living or working in Cambodia. Experience peace of mind knowing that your needs are expertly handled!

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After operating more than 17 years (Since 2006) in the Kingdom of Cambodia, we have a very thorough and extensive knowledge about all the risks incurred when living or working here..

As a broker we provide sound professional advice to cover your risks accurately and source from the market the best solution at the best possible rate. Liaising with a broker ensures you have the right cover at the right price and a real time support when you have claims. Should anything happen to you, you will simply make a local call 24/7 and you will find precious support to handle your situation.

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Our exclusive agreements with most major insurance companies in the world and here in Cambodia provide you the finest solutions on the market. We provide tailored coverage to fit exactly your needs and make sure your policy really protects you effectively.

To enjoy Cambodia to the fullest, you can count on AG CAMBODIA to provide you with a genuine peace of mind.

Our office is located in the center of Phnom Penh within Himawari Hotel on riverside, regular hours are from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.

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most common requests

Health Insurance

You are now living in Cambodia, you should consider a proper International Health Insurance

Vehicle Insurance

We insure private vehicles, from moped to trucks, but also your whole fleet of vehicles

Employee's Insurance

One good practice to keep your staff longer, would be to provide them with a decent health insurance

Property Insurance

Whether you are a landlord, or merely the tenant, you want to make sure your property, and all of its valuable content, are well insured.